Lovechilde (lovechilde) wrote,

Because I don't have enough shit to do, and I'm feeling artsy, I'm planning a few projects for the summer:

1. Finish the outfit for the Regency game, because it most likely will happen eventually. This means finish setting buttonholes in the dress, add the ribbon decorations, wash and iron the damn thing; finish making the hat; turn cut bits of coat into sewn coat. The above order is descending both in priority and in how long it'll take.

2. Make wax tablets for writing, and make sure I dig out my scribe kit and that my quills haven't cracked and my inks haven't dried. If they have, acquire news ones, possibly with someone who's going to Drachenfest. Wax tablets require actual crafting and may call for power tools, I'll try to get wooden frames that'll allow me to skip that part.

3. Make surgical tools from iClay.

4. Turn the spare fabric I have lying around into a new dress for Libra, and work out something pretty for a head covering.
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