Lovechilde (lovechilde) wrote,

Summer TV Plans

'Tis the dry season, meaning the one where full-season TV dries up and all I have is short season excellent quality summer TV- which will run out in anything between one and two months. So, it is time to plan plans.

Currently watching, currently airing:
Game of Thrones (five weeks to end of season)
Outlander (something like 8 weeks? I'm not sure how long of a season order they got, tbh)
Penny Dreadful (five weeks to end of season)
Preacher (just started)
So You Think You Can Dance (just started but I may drop it, juniors aren't as interesting)

Currently watching, catching up:
Teen Wolf (midway through season 4, so a season and a half 'til I'm caught up)
Orphan Black (just started, has four short seasons, should keep me busy for a while)

On the menu for when those are done:
The Man in the High Castle
The Good Wife (people keep insisting it's good, I'll give it another shot)
House of Cards (have two seasons to catch up on)
Orange is the New Black (low priority, at least two seasons to catch up on)
The Americans
Plus there's a handful of shows starting over the summer that might catch. And then it'll be September again. And I'm still working my way through several years of Power Rangers.
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