Lovechilde (lovechilde) wrote,

Pre-travel: lists

Lists calm me down. And while I'm much less jittery today than I was yesterday (go figure), I might as well make lists.

- Clean bathroom (tonight)
- Laundry (also tonight)
- Medical insurance (done)
- Doctor's appointment (moved from today, will be taken care of tomorrow)
- Get in rental order for Bigor- tables, chairs, projector
- Finalize fighting arena stuff for Bigor
- Clear out fridge (Wednesday afternoon)
- Deliver leftover snacks and drinks from Purim to someone on the Bigor staff for the volunteer event
- Pack- transfer necessary contents of backpack to bigger pack
- Locate every bit of thermal wear I own*; pack it
- Try not to freak out too much.

* In a cruel twist of fate, we're escaping a potential heatwave in Israel and plunging into temperatures which won't go above 10C, rain and possible snow all week. Disgusting.

- Remind everybody I won't be in for a week.
- Remind boss of same, twice a day at least.
- Make sure somebody's covering for me.
- Get extension on a couple of things.
- Reschedule hearing.
- Get through a big meeting on Wednesday.
- Remember to set out of office message on my email.
- Remember to take earphones with me when I leave.
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