Lovechilde (lovechilde) wrote,


Decided that I want a list of fic ideas, just so I can refer to it if I'm short on inspiration. By how likely I am to actually write them, at the moment.

White Collar- sequel to Enough. Neal, pushing boundaries; Peter, pushing right back.
Criminal Minds- parts 6-8 of Cravings (tags for 6X12 and/ or 6X14, tag for 7X02, late season 7).
Power Rangers Dino Charge- Chase and Kendall, pre-series, fighting.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue- How Carter Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Both Mitchell Siblings
Sleepy Hollow- finish that WIP I've been dragging since June
Killjoys- How Dutch Got Her Name
Da Vinci's Demons- 15th century art and culture during return trip from the New World
Da Vinci's Demons- Leo and Riario, detox shenanigans
Power Rangers Samurai- maybe, maaaybe rework that WIP I left hanging into something that doesn't trigger me. Maybe.

Not bad to be going on with. There's also PurimGifts, of course, but I'm not listing it here because spoilers.
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