Lovechilde (lovechilde) wrote,

PurimGifts 2016 letter!

Dear author, welcome to another round! This letter is...pretty much the same as last year's letter.

As usual, I want too many fandoms to detail specific prompts, so I'll stick to general likes and dislikes:

Things I like: hurt/comfort, just comfort, no hurt, smut and kink; light, playful, domestic things; also dark and angsty things, but those are less PurimGift-ish; mutual bathing/grooming is a major attraction, and I like seeing characters take a break when their canon situations are tense and stressful; ladies kicking ass and taking names is always good; missing scenes or episode tags; bonus historical/show mythology details always a plus. I'm a slasher at heart and any rating goes. Bad sex is ok, by the way, as long as it's well-written bad sex :P

Things I don't like: All hurt, no comfort (leave that to canon), I'm not the hugest fan of femslash, sorry, and I don't particularly like OCs. Wildly OOC behavior, things that make no sense in-universe and remain unexplained, coffee-shop AU's, highschool/college AU's, realistic AU's to supernatural/historics shows (those three are serious turn offs, please don't do them). Power dynamics in relationships are good, people abusing their power in a relationship, less welcome. Bullying, unless it's presented as a very negative thing, is a definite 'no'. Try to avoid marital infidelity unless it's canon, please?

'Ship-wise, I'm not into Ichabod/Abby (better as friends), prefer my Leo either asexual or with a guy, and definitely not with Lucretia, prefer bad boys with my lead girl, and am opposed to people staying in abusive relationships if it can be avoided. Any OT3/OT4 combos or poly situations, where applicable, are excellent. Like I said, I like kink, so...Just look at my fic, I write what I like to read. But don't stress about it, I'm usually pretty easy-going about reading things I wouldn't write, too.

That's it! Thank you and happy Purim!

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