Lovechilde (lovechilde) wrote,

Back to work- I actually missed it. It's nice to be back in y own office, doing work, and I've missed my co-workers, honestly. Even the boss. Annoying Senior Lawyer wasn't in today, but tomorrow might be Interesting with her.

A video of two gay men holding hands and walking through central Jerusalem, followed by hidden camera crews, revealed a level of vileness and harassment that, while unsuprising, still left me shaken. My first thought was- gods, the courage that sort of thing takes, not only in Jerusalem but pretty much everywhere else, even in Tel Aviv- and then I caught myself, because why should walking hand in hand with your significant other be brave? Why should it be dangerous? Then, all I could think about is that I know one of the guys in that video, and when someone yelled kus omo, homo (basically the Arabic/adopted into Hebrew version of 'motherfucker'), that his mom died of cancer a few years back and how it tore him up. Watching it from work wasn't my smartest idea, tbh.
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