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Purimgifts 2017 Letter [04 Jan 2017|11:23pm]
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[22 Jun 2016|11:52am]
Because I don't have enough shit to do, and I'm feeling artsy, I'm planning a few projects for the summer:

1. Finish the outfit for the Regency game, because it most likely will happen eventually. This means finish setting buttonholes in the dress, add the ribbon decorations, wash and iron the damn thing; finish making the hat; turn cut bits of coat into sewn coat. The above order is descending both in priority and in how long it'll take.

2. Make wax tablets for writing, and make sure I dig out my scribe kit and that my quills haven't cracked and my inks haven't dried. If they have, acquire news ones, possibly with someone who's going to Drachenfest. Wax tablets require actual crafting and may call for power tools, I'll try to get wooden frames that'll allow me to skip that part.

3. Make surgical tools from iClay.

4. Turn the spare fabric I have lying around into a new dress for Libra, and work out something pretty for a head covering.
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Summer TV Plans [06 Jun 2016|09:32am]
'Tis the dry season, meaning the one where full-season TV dries up and all I have is short season excellent quality summer TV- which will run out in anything between one and two months. So, it is time to plan plans.

Currently watching, currently airing:
Game of Thrones (five weeks to end of season)
Outlander (something like 8 weeks? I'm not sure how long of a season order they got, tbh)
Penny Dreadful (five weeks to end of season)
Preacher (just started)
So You Think You Can Dance (just started but I may drop it, juniors aren't as interesting)

Currently watching, catching up:
Teen Wolf (midway through season 4, so a season and a half 'til I'm caught up)
Orphan Black (just started, has four short seasons, should keep me busy for a while)

On the menu for when those are done:
The Man in the High Castle
The Good Wife (people keep insisting it's good, I'll give it another shot)
House of Cards (have two seasons to catch up on)
Orange is the New Black (low priority, at least two seasons to catch up on)
The Americans
Plus there's a handful of shows starting over the summer that might catch. And then it'll be September again. And I'm still working my way through several years of Power Rangers.
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Pre-travel: lists [04 Apr 2016|11:51am]
Lists calm me down. And while I'm much less jittery today than I was yesterday (go figure), I might as well make lists.

Things to finalize at home and outside work before we leaveCollapse )

Things to finish at work before we leaveCollapse )
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[03 Apr 2016|06:41pm]
T minus three days to the trip, give or take a few hours. Pre-trip jitters are here, a couple of days earlier than I'm willing to deal with them, but work is busy enough to distract me most of the time.

I should make lists, lists calm me down. Later, maybe.
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[22 Mar 2016|09:19am]
I think I may be too old to get the full impact of Spring Awakening. Or too jaded, and too skipped-the-awkward-and-ignorant-teenager-phase-because-internet. Or possibly I just need to see it in a production that isn't community theatre, with better actors and better sound quality.
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[18 Mar 2016|07:10pm]
Sometimes I'm not sure who's more to blame, men for putting women down without even thinking about it, because of hundreds of years of socialization, or women letting them do it, taking the easy, repressive, 'daddy'll take care of it' route instead of fucking standing up for themselves. The last, also through hundreds of years of socialization- except it seems to be getting worse, or more glaring, because by now the whole stupid lot of them should know better.

The above is brought to you by the basic car maintenance workshop for women I took today. I learned several new things that'll help me be more self sufficient with my car, but everyone, from the other ladies to the coordinator (who kept trying to change the subject and went all 'oh this is so over my head' complete with an inane giggle whenever things got too science-y), to the instructor who, despite actually being awesome, informastive and not a bad teacher, had to make an actual effort not to address his explanations only to the one guy in the group.

And don't even get me started on the reporter who came to cover the workshop and her photographer, who wanted a photo of manicured fingers with rings on them and tried to deck our cars in Hello Kitty accessories. I was thoroughly rude to her and don't regert it for a second.
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[11 Mar 2016|12:34am]
On Tuesday I played in a taboo live action game. Taboo games are high intensity small group games, usually in a single room and over more more than 3-4 hours, which deal with taboo topics- there are Holocaust games, military moral dilemmas game, grief games, the occasional post-apocalyptic cannibalism thing, sexual assault themes and so on. They're almost always 18-and-over, and aren't something I'd normally play at a con with players and/or GMs I don't trust. Hell, these are games that have safe words. Sometimes. We even had to use one once. Anyway, the point of them is high dramas and difficult themes. So the rest of this will be under a cut, because I need to work through some stuff.

Theme of the game- we are the families of six soldiers who have lost contact with HQ in enemy territory, and are MIA. So it's all of us in a secure base, waiting for updates. Content warning- drama, angst, angry outbursts, apparent rejection, estranged couples.Collapse )
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Bunnies [03 Feb 2016|05:45pm]
Decided that I want a list of fic ideas, just so I can refer to it if I'm short on inspiration. By how likely I am to actually write them, at the moment.

White Collar- sequel to Enough. Neal, pushing boundaries; Peter, pushing right back.
Criminal Minds- parts 6-8 of Cravings (tags for 6X12 and/ or 6X14, tag for 7X02, late season 7).
Power Rangers Dino Charge- Chase and Kendall, pre-series, fighting.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue- How Carter Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Both Mitchell Siblings
Sleepy Hollow- finish that WIP I've been dragging since June
Killjoys- How Dutch Got Her Name
Da Vinci's Demons- 15th century art and culture during return trip from the New World
Da Vinci's Demons- Leo and Riario, detox shenanigans
Power Rangers Samurai- maybe, maaaybe rework that WIP I left hanging into something that doesn't trigger me. Maybe.

Not bad to be going on with. There's also PurimGifts, of course, but I'm not listing it here because spoilers.
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[24 Jan 2016|08:23pm]
I am an ableist. I will probably be one forever. It's the one 'ism' I can't seem to shake. I will always, probably forever, take as a given that a person who is over a certain age, has steady employment, and suffers from no impairments that I'm aware of, is capable of rational thought, of reaching logical conclusions, of basic deduction, awareness and empathy. If we arrange to meet, I will assume people are capable of arriving at the time and place agreed upon, or of letting someone know they'll be late. I will assume people can call a taxi is they find no other mode of transportation, and if they choose not to do it despite being able to afford it, I'll think less of them. If someone takes on some kind of task, I will assume that they know their own abilities and will take steps to perform the task, and let people know if they need help or find themselves unable to complete the task.

I will expect people over a certain age (say, 14) to be able to entertain themselves, and to be able to communicate thoughts and emotions clearly (this is asking a lot, and I'm setting myself up for constant disappointment, I know). I will assume that the average adult, unless they have some limitation that I'm aware of, is capable of basic self care, will not lock themselves out of their apartment or forget to feed the cat or leave their phone places or go on vacation without their meds, and can use Google and a map. I will always expect people to be thinking, intelligent creatures. I will be unforgiving of willful ignorance. I will assume that unless proven otherwise, or unless I'm outright told it's not so, people have the capability of defending themselves, or speaking up when something makes them uncomfortable or upset or harms them in some way (this too is way too high of an expectation. I'm an idealist, k?)

I will trust a person's report on their well-being, physical and emotional, for at least the first 25-30 times. I will trust that if someone has a chronic health situation going on, physical or mental or emotional, they are taking all the steps they are capable of, are willing to, and can afford to take to manage the situation. If they're doing all they can to manage the situation, I will do my level best not to assume all of the above. I will at some point fail. Hopefully, I'll fail in private and not where my failure can hurt someone.

Eventually, my aversion to people who can't be on time, can't take care of themselves, and can't be considerate of other people's feelings for no good reason except that they're sort of terrible at being adults will mean I distance myself from them, and I'll be left with only the more or less capable people as friends. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if the past weekend is any indication.

This is an open note. If you're reading this we're most likely friends, and you're all keeping up the standards set above that you haven't pissed me off yet. Congrats.
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PurimGifts 2016 letter! [05 Jan 2016|03:54pm]
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[14 Sep 2015|12:26am]
Memo to self- try to time the next hugfe project I produce so I don't have killer PMS while we're setting things up. Tomorrow's gonna be fun...
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[10 Sep 2015|11:50am]
I was okay with being in charge of logistics for a huge game with a huge budget. I was. What I'm not okay with is having to do the whole damn thing on my own because my staff are worse than useless, on a holiday week, when we're one week (which is a business day and a half) from the game with only a third of what needed to be done/arranged/bought actually finalized. This is infuriating, frustrating, and has already cost me most of this morning at work (and the better part of yesterday).

I'd say I'm never doing this again, but that would be a lie.
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[01 Sep 2015|03:26pm]
It's September 1st. Libra 2 starts on the 17th. We haven't started the logistics shopping yet, I won't have a finalized print-order until well after the last possible minute, and there's a grand total of 8 working days between now and the 17th because of weekends and New Year.

Everything is stress, frustration and suckage. None of my team of supposed helpers is doing much to help, I'm not getting answers from people, people who're nominally trying to cooperate with us just aren't, and in general...well. Stressed. Yes.
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[16 Aug 2015|01:40am]
Well. When I got a bag full of bottles on my shoulder and lugged it to the car I thought I was being melodramatic, wondering whether the strap might leave a bruise. Turns out I wasn't. Owies.

However, my party was delightful :)
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[10 Aug 2015|01:37am]
Oh my gods, you guys, I think I'm finished. I mean, there'll be editing, and then probably a bit more editing and then I need a name and a summary and all the trigger warnings ever, and then I may decide never to post it after all, but at just over 85K and after just over a year of work, I do believe I'm finally done with That Fic.
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[09 Aug 2015|09:21pm]
Back to work- I actually missed it. It's nice to be back in y own office, doing work, and I've missed my co-workers, honestly. Even the boss. Annoying Senior Lawyer wasn't in today, but tomorrow might be Interesting with her.

A video of two gay men holding hands and walking through central Jerusalem, followed by hidden camera crews, revealed a level of vileness and harassment that, while unsuprising, still left me shaken. My first thought was- gods, the courage that sort of thing takes, not only in Jerusalem but pretty much everywhere else, even in Tel Aviv- and then I caught myself, because why should walking hand in hand with your significant other be brave? Why should it be dangerous? Then, all I could think about is that I know one of the guys in that video, and when someone yelled kus omo, homo (basically the Arabic/adopted into Hebrew version of 'motherfucker'), that his mom died of cancer a few years back and how it tore him up. Watching it from work wasn't my smartest idea, tbh.
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[08 Aug 2015|02:21pm]
Let it me known, and I don't say this often, but it's hot enough today that I've noticed it's damn hot. I'll manage with a fan, but I worry about the kitties. First call tomorrow will be to an AC tech, the second to my landlord.
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Pleasures of home [07 Aug 2015|06:01pm]
Hooray, I'm home. Ali is distant, Alfie is clingy, pretty much par for the course. Tomorrow will require considerable shopping, as I appear to be out of everything except tea.

However, allow me for a moment to wax poetic about my shower at home, and the things it has that some or all of the showers I've used in the past two weeks didn't have, and I missed badly:

- a window
- good water pressure and a shower-head that doesn't spray water every which way
- the ability to mix hot and cold water to reach an ideal temperature
- a mirror where it's actually useful
- a towel of a reasonable size that I'm sure has been washed sometime in the past six months
- more than one towel, if I wanted it (this is a big deal, ok? short hair drips like crazy)
- space to move, with more than a single step between the shower and the door, which means I can wrap myself in a towel without it getting all wet from the shower wall
- my own soap (this is also more important than it sounds, using shower gel because it's easier to carry than solid soap was annoying)

Most important, my shower doesn't smell like mold. It's sort of delightful. The little things, you know?
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[31 Jul 2015|11:50pm]
So here I am, back in Paris four years after I slunk off home with my tail between my legs (almost to the day), and roughly an hour, local time, from my birthday.

I was thinking that coming back is a mistake more or less as soon as the Eurostar left the station in London. Even aside from the fact that Nottigham was delightful, York was amazing and spending time with L is always a joy, I'm not sure that six days here isn't too damn long. I'll do a day in Normandy, probably, and maybe a day trip to the Loire Valley- and then of course I'll find out towards Wednesday that six days isn't anything like enough. That's the optimistic option: it's always nicer to be left wanting more of a place than to be sick of it before you leave (see under: ten days in Vegas, winter of 2005).

So I got myself to Paris. It's considerably warmer than either Nottingham or London (looking at 35C on Monday, gods be kind to us), and my phone died on the way, because of course I could charge my phone on the bus between Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva, but not on the bloody Eurostar because they have outlets only on one coach. So getting into the apartment involved finding it, waiting outside for someone to meet me with the key for 15 minutes, and going to sit in a cafe and charge my phone so I could call my host. When I could finally turn the damn thing on I found a message from her that the key was under the mat, and the entry codes to the main door, because her friend couldn't make it. So far, irritating but not too bad, right? Apartment is a 5th floor walk-up, it's good exercise, I knew it in advance, not an issue. What was an issue is I got in and there were no towels, nor clean sheets, and a polite note on the door asked that guests clean up after themselves because the host didn't clean between guests. At that point I was more than a little angry.

Text the host, get the reply that the friend who was supposed to meet me was also supposed to deliver towels and a sheet, but, as she'd already told me, couldn't make it. Also, apparently, the apartment doesn't actually come with linens- which I assumed it did because all Airbnb apartments do...usually. So, towels tomorrow morning. By that point I was past angry and into finding it funny, for lack of a better reaction.

The thing is, at that point I maybe could've gone out to buy a towel, but I didn't notice what time it was. It's a summer in Europe problem- it's light until around 22:00, and my time sense gets screwed up entirely. By the time I decided to go and do something about it, it was 21:30. The good news is the apartment is in my old quarter, and I still remember where everything is in this neighbourhood, more or less, so once I oriented myself I knew where the nearest supermarket that stays open latest was. The bad news is that by the time I got there, it was 22:01 and therefore they wouldn't let me in. At least I found a smaller shop that provided, if not a towel, then supper and tomorrow's breakfast. And cherry tomatoes, because I needed a pick-me-up.

Situation will be resolved tomorrow morning, one way or another. And there's an artisan bakery right under the apartment. I hope they're not on summer vacation.
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